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2019: THAT'S A WRAP!

Not only are we closing out a successful, growing year but actually an incredible decade. Captured and our entire work came to existence in this last decade, and well, thats a pretty damn big deal. We did a lot of learning and growing in the last ten years to get to here, and we cannot wait to see what the next ten bring!

With that being said, this time of year is always pretty incredible and humbling. Its a time to look back at not only the amazing opportunities we were given, but the awesome people we met along the way. All of the families, brides, grooms, children, customers and supporters - we thank you. Because without you all, none of this would be possible. I know we've said it over and over, but we will continue to do just that: we really love what we do. We are blessed to do what we love.

So, here's a recap of 2019 and the unbelievable year it has been.

6 weddings

5 engagement sessions

13+ portrait sessions

6 states

3 countries

Don't believe us? See for yourself?

We started our year off with some traveling, from New England to Florida to Mexico, and our first trip to the Adirondacks and more. And of course, always with a camera in hand.

I might be biased, but we are blessed with some of the kindest, most beautiful couples I have ever met. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to photograph their wedding day, and tell the story of their love.

The couples and families that come to us throughout the year have touched our hearts. We love to get to know each any every one of them, and their stories.

And there you have it, just a few of our favorites from this past year. A sincere thank you to every single person who has shown their support throughout the year, we wouldn't be where we are today without you. We truly mean that.

And, of course, a giant thank you to Kristin. Kristin, your creative mind and talent are a huge part of the success of this company. I am so blessed to be able to work with a close friend and gifted artist. Thank you for being by my side and keeping me sane!

Morgan, I am so happy that we began our creative journey together in 2019! Welcome to the Captured team, and we are beyond excited for the projects we have together in 2020! It is a breath of fresh air to have met a like-minded person to join our team, and share her talent and determination with us!

As cliche as it sounds, we cannot wait to see what this next year brings. Here it comes, bring it on 2020!

Until next year, live creatively, friends.

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