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5 Reasons You Should Consider a First Look on Your Wedding Day

We're a bit biased here, so we're going to answer this one straight up.. We LOVE a first look. And we've got some solid evidence to back it up. After seeing so many beautiful moments, we had to gather it all together for you. So here it is, our FIVE TOP REASONS TO PLAN A FIRST LOOK ON YOUR WEDDING DAY!

  1. It gives you time, just the two of you, to see each other, express those feelings alone without the eyes and the pressure of everyone else. Most wedding days you don't get much time to spend just the two of you, so this time can be precious.

  2. One of my top reasons - it gets those nerves and jitters out of the way. We know the anticipation has been building for who knows how long to see each other all dressed up, right? Sometimes knowing a whole crowd of people watching your reaction (and hoping for a certain one) can be a bit daunting. Having that moment alone can take a bit of the pressure off. It allows you to just be well, you.

  3. It give us photographers more opportunity for portraits of the happy couple. Of course during your heartfelt moment we try not to make ourselves known, and blend in with the surroundings, but after that we can take some time to take portraits of the two of you. You are still so wrapped up in the high of seeing each other it usually makes for some of our favorite portraits - giant smiles and adorable giggles. And of course LOTS of kisses. Can't you tell we love it?!

  4. Now that you've already seen each other, if we plan your timeline accordingly we can get wedding party and family photos done before the ceremony! If time allows and we do this, that means you may even be able to enjoy your cocktail hour with your guests! Often times when I tell couples this they LOVE that idea.

  5. Your faces, hair, clothing - everything is fresh and unwrinkled. Nothing is smudged yet from a few hours of talking/tears/etc. It is just screaming.. "quick, let's take some portraits!"

A few tips if you are considering a first look:

Many wedding parties ask to watch the first look. This is TOTALLY up to the couple wether they would like their first look to be private or not. If asked our opinion, we normally tell the couple again, if they want this moment to be relieved of the pressure we'd suggest private, but if they don't mind an audience they can have their wedding party watch.

Try and pretend your photographers aren't there and just be you! Of course this can be difficult at times, but it's such a wonderful moment when you let go and get lost in it!

If you have a location in mind let your photographer know! If not, we usually arrive to a venue early to scope out locations to do things like first looks, wedding party photos, etc.

Still need convincing? Here are a few of our favorite first look moments:

If you aren't planning a first look on your wedding day, and you want your first look to be down the aisle:

That's okay too! Please, please do not let this post make you feel like you are planning your day the wrong way. We will absolutely capture your day just as beautifully as any other day! We will capture your reactions, your wedding party photos, etc. and find a timeline that works perfectly for your day.

Your wedding day is uniquely yours. Each day is so different and that is what we love about all of them.

We simply hope this makes you consider planning a first look because we love photographing and incorporating them into wedding days so much!

Until next time, live creatively, friends.

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