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I'm sure many of you know why, but this session holds a pretty special place in my heart. Just a week before, I got a phone call from my twin brother, Jeff. Now, if you know anything about Jeff, he NEVER makes phone calls, so I was pretty curious what was happening. Jeff had been dating a close friend of mine (well close doesn't really even begin to cover that either, but we'll get into it) for a few years now. He called to tell me he proposed!! Finally! I couldn't believe it, I was so surprised and over the moon excited! Dang can that kid keep a secret!

Jeff and Ashley's story began forever ago. We met Ashley in preschool (crazy, right?) and grew up just down the street from each other. Ashley and I were great friends growing up, and even closer in high school, playing sports together and hanging out often. So when I went away to college and found out the two of them were dating I guess I shouldn't have been so shocked that their paths crossed again.

Jeff and Ashley are a fantastic match for each other and I can't wait to officially have another sister!

So, fast forward a week, and we were shooting their engagement photos. This session was so fun, not only because of the close relationship I have with them, but because you all know I'm a sucker for a shoot with a pup. And just look at that face!! To my surprise, Jeff cooperated with my poses (LOL) and of course his 1970s red chevy truck was the perfect fall prop.

Although the pandemic has made this year of planning a bit different, I am still so excited for this wedding! Thanks for being such a blast to work with and making my job so much fun!

Until next time, live creatively friends.

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