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Backyard Lakeside Wedding in Maine with the Whites, August 2022

When you meet Loren and Cam, you feel like you have been friends forever. I mean it, even from our initial consult call I felt like we would all be friends. Fast forward to their engagement session, I think we were laughing the entire time. Especially when they brought Cleo out (their cat) onto the beach for some photos.

These two know how to keep the party going, leave smiles on everyone's faces, and make instant friends. And that's exactly how it went down.

Loren and Cam got married in the backyard of Loren's parents' lake house. The weather was gorgeous, a bit hot but we can't complain, right? And the views were 🤩. Honestly, I'd pay them to get married in their backyard. The setup was perfect, a dance floor right in the center of the yard, a fire pit on the beach, tons of food, a canoe full of drinks and even some taps. Not to mention the"Lasting Room" sign from the bar they met at.

Loren and Cam laughed through every tiny hiccup, the kind of couple you dream about working with. From being stranded on the boat and a kind neighbor's rescue, to a small dress mishap - they rolled with it all. And that my friends, is how you have a perfect wedding day. PLUS tearing up the dance floor, which they did a lot of too!

To Loren and Cam, thank you!!! I am so grateful you chose me to photograph your day. It was truly one I won't forget. I can't wait for our Kowloon's trip 😂

Venue: Lake House, Parsonsfield ME

Catering: Bliss Catering

Florist: Bloomers

DJ: JF Entertainment & Event Services (Jeremy Fitts), Oxford ME

Hair: New Beginnings, North Andover MA


Dress: Marry & Tux, Nashua NH

Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie

Until next time, live creatively friends.

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