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Beach Grad Session with Gabby, May 2022

Gabby and I's paths are so intertwined, more than we ever imagined. I met her photographing her brother's wedding last summer. She's a triplet, so close to her siblings and her brother's wife, Olivia. The two grew up together and it was a dream come true to officially be "sisters". You see, I know the feeling, my twin brother married one of my friends too. So Gabby and I chatted about that, family and more.

We met at the beach, on a foggy but gorgeous night. She told me about the meaning behind the butterfly on her cap, popped champagne and celebrated getting her master's degree. She even told me about the online school she and her friend started during the height of the covid lockdown to help kids with their online learning. How impressive is she? Gabby looked gorgeous on that beach, beaming with pride. We had fun with champagne, the waves and ended it with the most beautiful sunset. I'd say it was all worth it.

I love when seniors and grads reach out for portrait sessions. It's milestones like these that need to be celebrated too - why not document it for years to come? Plus, when you see the photos of yourself, you'll feel ore confident and proud than ever.

After our session, Gabby and I realized we both attended the same college, at the same time. WHAT! We had mutual friends and it's crazy that our paths hadn't crossed before. I'm so glad Gabby reached out for a session, it's been awesome getting to know her.

To Gabby, thanks again for booking a session, opening up to me, and being a perfect photography subject. I hope our paths cross again sometime!

Until next time, live creatively friends.

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