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Concord Fall Orchard Session with the McKillop Family, September 2022

Okay how stinken cute is the McKillop family?! I cannot stop obsessing over these photos and Matilda's adorable smiling face. She was SO happy the entire session, it was a miracle!

Most parents apologize over and over when their little ones aren't the happiest during their session.. but it's nothing to be sorry about! This happens SO often, and they don't know what they are there for! Matilda though? As long as she saw her mom and dad's faces she was one happy little girl.

David and Kathryn were such a joy to work with, having fun with the session and laughing together. And of course, always helping me get the smiles out of their little one. I was so happy to have photographed them after knowing them for so many years.

To David and Kathryn - thank you!! I'm so excited I finally got to meet Matilda and captured your adorable family.

Until next time, live creatively friends.


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