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From the start I knew I was going to love Eileen. We hit it off quickly in our initial conversation, and the way she talked about her and Jeff's laid back personalities I knew this wedding would be a blast. She described the wedding as a "backyard wedding," knowing very little of how gorgeous this backyard really was.

Eileen and I touched base periodically throughout the year with updates about the planning process. And before we knew it, June 1 had arrived! When Kristin and I pulled up to the home nestled into the mountainside in Jaffrey, NH we absolutely could not contain our excitement. VIEWS. EVERYWHERE. No matter which direction you looked there were views of the mountains. an photographer's DREAM.

The backyard was stunning. This "backyard wedding" was done perfectly. And I mean perfectly. Each detail so well thought out. From the BBQ catering, to the flower arrangements, to the hand-welded arbor (made personally for Eileen by Jeff, cue the tears), this setup was flawless. It seems as though sometimes, when friends and family come together to make these days happen, things just come together so perfectly.

We got to know all the members of the family, and their close friends, and each had stories to tell about Jeff and Eileen and their love for one another.

The ceremony was nothing short of incredible. Photographic views, surrounded by friends and family, gorgeous weather, and a PLANE fly-over. That's right. The bride and groom were surprised when a plane flew over not once, but twice during their ceremony. The second time being right after the kiss! What a magical moment!

The rest of the night was spent with friends and family, dancing and enjoying each other's company. Best moves of the night? The bride's mother of course! We've never seen someone tear up the dance floor like that before!

Sounds like a pretty perfect day right? Well, what better way to end the night than with a fireworks display? The newlyweds were surprised by their friends with their very own fireworks display to ends the night. The ultimate ending to the best backyard wedding.

Congratulations to Eileen and Jeff! We see many years of happiness in your future! Thank you so much for having us there to capture your special day.

Until next time. Live creatively, friends.

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