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Evening Session with the Nash-Bhatia Family at Castle Island, September 2022

I was lucky enough to meet the Nash-Bhatia family last September when I photographed them at the Seaport. I was so thrilled when Jen and Ankur reached out for family portraits again. My favorite part though? Seeing how much little Isaac has grown up!

He was a bit more shy this year, so we had to get creative. Isaac clearly loves spending time with his parents, so we made it feel like a day in the park for him. Complete with a burger and fries too! His energy was adorable and despite the challenges I think we were still able to get some great photos!

To the Nash-Bhatia family, thank you!! Thank you for having me photograph your adorable family again. I loved seeing how much Isaac has grown over the last year and here's to hoping he's less shy next year 😂

Until next time, live creatively friends.


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