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Family Portraits on the Christmas Tree Farm with the Annese Family, November 2021

The Annese Family is back for more! No strangers to the Captured blog, I absolutely love capturing this growing family year after year. And I mean growing.. last time I photographed this adorable family, Anthony was a little peanut! Now I feel like he's a grown teenager ready for his license! I can't even believe how grown up he is. And Jillian is expecting another baby too! I am so happy for this fam 🥰

Christmas Tree Farms are the perfect backdrop for late fall and early winter photo sessions. They are green and vibrant and capture the magic of the season, but can still be neutral to most holidays. Plus, kids love them! Anthony loved playing peek-a-boo with his parents and running around the smaller trees.

It may have been a little trickier getting him to smile (for some reason he does not love when I pull out my camera), but we made it work! When it comes to young kids, I'm not against a little bribery 😉 or playing games to get those smiles.

Once things got a little chilly we wrapped up our session, but I'm so happy with the way things turned out.

To Jill and Carl, thank you for booking a session with me year after year ♥️ it means so much to have your support and to photograph your family. I love watching you two grow into your roles as parents. I can't wait to meet baby #2!

Until next time, live creatively friends.


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