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Family Ties at the Wayside Inn with Kenna and Sean's Wedding, June 2021

I had the pleasuring of shooting alongside Kristin LaFratta for this lovely wedding at the Wayside Inn. Right from the beginning I could tell Kenna and her bridesmaids had everything so well thought out. They paid attention to every detail - it set the scene for such a great day. And the venue was truly spectacular.

The guys were so open to all of my posing and photos. There's absolutely nothing better than a group of groomsmen ready to have some fun! I ran around the venue getting as many detail shots as I could before the ceremony started. The chapel was even located on the historic grounds. Everything you needed was right there. It was so picture perfect. The best part? Kenna's father and his family grew up going to the Wayside Inn as children. They have so much history here, it was so special that Kenna and Sean were getting married here too.

Kenna and her father shared a very special first look before heading up to the chapel. The tears were flowing with big smiles on their faces while they hugged, laughed and cried. It was a moment I'm sure neither of them will forget.

After the ceremony Kenna's uncle led the guests down to the garden for cocktails playing the bagpipes and we whisked Kenna and Sean away for some more photos of the two of them. The Grist Mill was the PERFECT spot for photos, and Kenna and Sean killed it. They posed with ease and made Kristin and I's job look simple.

And then we danced the night away! The dance floor was packed BEFORE dinner. Yes, you read that correctly - before dinner! They had to ask people to sit down to eat! Even Kenna's grandfathers got up to each share a dance with her later in the evening. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Thank you Kristin for having me photograph another wedding with you, its always such a blast. And thank you to the Murphy's for having us! What a gorgeous day for a wedding. We wish you both nothing but happiness!

Venue: The Wayside Inn, Sudbury Ma

First Photographer: Kristin LaFratta

Until next time, live creatively friends!


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