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The title says it all! I'm sure you all remember our earlier blog post about Captured's first craft fair (if you don't, you should go check it out! One of our favorite radio hosts (shoutout Bobby Bones) says this mantra and it has always stuck with us. Why? Because we aren't afraid to share our failures along with our successes here! We work hard, we dedicate a tremendous amount of time, and we won't give up. We are happy to say that this weekend's craft fair went MUCH better than the first. With a lot of hard work and a lot of support, we did it!

It was a rough start, from rescheduling and worries of rain showers, not to mention quite stressful. We kept our expectations pretty low going in, as we learned the hard way the first time around. However, the amount of support we received this weekend was overwhelming. Seriously!

We set up our display two days in a row, rain or shine, all day. And SO many of our friends, family, clients and more came out to check out our work. We were SO happy to be sharing our products, prints and business info with others. We were more than pleased with the turnout and the praise of our work!

There are lulls in business and there are times where things can get frustrating and stressful. And trust me, we were feeling all of that on the weeks leading up to this fair. Results you want, wether it is income or awareness DO NOT come overnight. It is always a grind, and you have to put in lots of work and money to see results. The biggest thing we have learned thus fair is to not get down on yourself. Be proud of how far you've come, set goals for the future, and keep working at them no matter the obstacles that get in the way. Most importantly though, stay POSITIVE!

We did our best to stay positive (because to be honest, it couldn't have gotten any worse than last time, right?) Our display was one thousand times better than the last, and we were proud of the way things came together this weekend. Check it out, let us know what you think!

If you took the time to come out, THANK YOU! From the bottom of our hearts, our business would be nothing without all of you. And we are happy to share that we will be back out on June 2 with more inventory to keep providing you with the best quality work and service we can! See you then!

And stay tuned for our next blog post! As wedding season approaches, we are going to break down our favorite tips for shooting weddings!

Live creatively, friends.

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