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Cape Cod Wedding with the Flaherty's, September 2020

What a wonderful change of scenery. From the mountains of northern Vermont one weekend to the beaches of Cape Cod the next, we are pretty blessed to do what we do that's for sure. I am so thankful that Kristin asked me to photograph second for her for this wedding. Lisa and Bill's original wedding plans may have been changed because of the Covid restrictions, but that didn't stop them from planning an elegant, stunning wedding to celebrate their love.

The venue was top notch, everything from the bridal suite to the tent outside was bursting with fine little touches of the beach house, and we even got to travel minutes down the road to take portraits of the happy couple on the beach as well. My favorite part of the entire way was seeing the way Lisa lit up around Bill. It was so clear how smitten and happy she was just to be around him. Isn't that what love is all about.

After a wonderful ceremony, a trip to the beach, and even a virtual toast (2020 is full of surprises!) the night ended so perfectly in the tent with the most talented live band.

Lisa and Bill, surrounded by their closest family and friends, celebrated their love on a perfect Cape Cod fall day. The weather was warm for September, the sun was shining, and love was all around.

A perfect love story. Until next time, live creatively friends.

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