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Nicole and Hector had a beautiful sunny fall day for their wedding. Kristin and I were so excited and nervous going into this one. We knew the couple had been together for a long time, in fact, most of their wedding party had been friends with them since middle and high school. Nicole was very laid back about the day, she was such an easy-going bride. The couple's ceremony and reception was in the beautiful Salem Waterfront hotel, and we took advantage of the views down the street for some stunning wedding party photos. Everyone was so cooperative, as it got pretty chilly by the water as the sunset, but boy was it worth it. I loved the pictures we were able to get. During the reception, Nicole and Hector each had heartfelt dances with their mothers and many tears were shed during the speeches. It was very apparent that these two had a lot of love surrounding them.

We wish Nicole and Hector a lifetime of love and happiness.

Live creatively friends.

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