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Our brides and grooms mean so much to us. We get to build a relationship with them, see how in love they are, and capture the happiest days of their lives. It's no wonder weddings are so magical for us. We thought we'd begin to share each of our weddings here with you, so you can see some of our favorite shots.

Jill and Daniel may not have had the best weather, but boy did those two make the best of their day. Jill, from Massachusetts and Daniel from Nashville, TN were two of the kindest, most easy-going people that we have had the pleasure of working with. Southern charm, I guess?

This wedding was pretty unique, not only because the bride and groom traveled from down south and kept it small with no wedding parties, but also because the wedding was actually on a boat cruise! Kristin and I were super excited to be a part of something so out of the ordinary, and we knew a boat cruise in Portland, ME would guarantee some gorgeous scenery. So we set out for Portland on Saturday afternoon.

The clouds were out most of the day, but luckily the rain held off so that we could get some awesome shots before the ceremony. We met the bride and groom's families, all pleasant beyond measure. We were able to sneak Jill and Daniel off for a bit while the others boarded the boat. I think this was my favorite part of the night. Their love immediately shined through every cloud. They made the posing, the connection, all of it, look effortless.

We brought Jill and Daniel to the Cobblestone streets of Portland and snapped a few iconic shots, they look timeless. Everything in old time Portland calls for a photo-op, and Jill and Daniel fit right in, for sure.



The cruise took off and the ceremony was lovely, on the top deck just beside Portland Head Light. Minus a few rain drops, it could not have gone better. Their families all seemed overjoyed, and the couple took their time spilling heartfelt words. It always gets me when couples write their own vows. I love to hear such sincere words from the heart. Even if things aren't perfectly written, to me they always sound like the most beautiful novel. How can you not romanticize words so vulnerable and true from the very person feeling them?

Dinner and dancing commenced down below the deck and we cruised around Portland for a bit. The live band was a hit, and Jill and Daniel friends did not hesitate to have a good time. Most stayed on the dance floor all night! The boat had to head back to dock a bit early due to some bathroom issues (yup, gross) but friends and family continued to laugh and dance into the night. The couple could not get enough of each other. We met some pretty incredible people, and a bride and groom we will never forget.

We wish Jill and Daniel the happiest of marriages and all the love they deserve. We cannot thank them enough for allowing us to capture their beautiful day. And a HUGE thank you for the incredible review, it means a lot to us!

"We just got married and Rebecca was our photographer, and she was absolutely wonderful. We had so much fun and she really listens to your ideas and she really understand kind of what you're looking for. The communication was great and the whole process was really easy from start to finish." - Jill

Until next wedding!

Live creatively, friends.

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