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As we're sure you've mentioned hundreds of times, our business relies heavily on referrals. We love to connect with an meet new people. Nothing makes us happier than gaining clients who become friends. We are also fortunate enough to have gotten to know some pretty bad ass, driven business owners along the way. Who have also become some of our greatest friends. It's been pretty awesome being able to share ideas, struggles, achievements and referrals with these other people.

A few months ago I was approached and asked about my interest in forming a networking group, I couldn't say yes fast enough! You see, I've thought long and hard about joining a group like this, but I wanted to find one that I knew would be the right fit. From membership fees, to location, to the members and the stipulations of meetings, I wanted to find a group that I enjoyed belonging to. Somewhere that I could foster more of these relationships. So, playing a hand in starting that group would ensure it would be a great fit.

So we got to work. And it has been quite the project, but we are finally seeing the reward and the growth. Jumpstart Networking officially launched in 2019. We invite members to join us for our meetings to check it out and see what we're about.

Now, we may be biased because we started it all, but this group is heading in a real exciting direction. With a variety of members, we also invite people to attend our meetings as guests first to check it out. We understand how intimidating groups can be and that getting a feel for things is really important before fully committing.

We are serious about members. We'd love to watch this group grow, and in turn see everyone's businesses grow as well. After all, who doesn't want to see their business evolve this year? It's a no brainer! Are you interested yet? Do you know someone who may be interested?

Our website provides all of the information you need to know. The best part? Yeah we built that too! We get to apply our graphics and photography skills to the group itself, and share some pretty awesome colleagues with our own circles. What more could you ask for?

So check us out, stop by for a meeting, or reach out to us with any questions. We'd love to hear from you.

Live creatively, friends.

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