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Valentine's Day Couple's Session with Kim and Ian, February 2021

I can't help but hop a bit out of order here and tell you about Kim and Ian's picture perfect Valentine's Day session. I posted social media and offered to do some fun "snowy" sessions for Valentine's Day if anyone was interested and Kim jumped at the opportunity. She later told me that her and Ian thought it would be a great idea to get in front of the camera as much as possible before their wedding day. I think it's safe to say they're one of the smartest couples out there.

Getting in front of the camera gets rid of those nerves and jitters. It also helps that I'll be their wedding photographer as well 🎉😉 so it just makes them that much more comfortable working with me.

Although the snow in the forecast went away (we saw a few tiny snowflakes, bummer because we were really hoping for it!) this session was absolutely perfect. We walked around downtown Nashua, where Kim and Ian have recently moved to. The weather was pretty cold but these two were such champs (especially Kim who braved the elements in her ADORABLE outfit). The last time we did a session it was probably the most humid day of the year with the sun beating down on us, so this was quite the change.

Kim and Ian are so easy going. They take my directions and roll with them, laughing and having fun with each pose. They honestly are so easy to photograph, their chemistry truly shining through. I'm so glad their Valentine's Day session was so much fun, and it makes me SO excited for their wedding this summer.

To top off a wonderful morning, they brought me the sweetest Valentine's treat - chocolate covered strawberries 🥺 ugh I just love them so much! Thank you guys!

Until next time, live creatively friends.

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