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Late Fall Engagement Session at Benson Farm with Erica and Eric, November 2022

I have been looking forward to this session for MONTHS. I first spoke with Erica and Eric back in 2022 (dang, time does fly) and we immediately hit it off. We booked their 2023 wedding so far in advance that it would be another year before I even met them. But boy was it worth the wait.

We have messaged and texted of the last few months getting to know each other even more, so when we got to their engagement session I already felt like we were besties. These two feed off of each other's energy and are constantly giggling and smiling when they are around each other. And that's the kind of love that I enjoy photographing.

The kind of love that makes you feel like a kid again, but also makes you feel safe and like you want to do this for the rest of your life? I can just feel that from these two. So we explored around Benson Farm and I was lucky enough to capture every little moment, the giggles and hugs. Naturally, they were down for all of my prompts and ideas (THANK YOU!) and we got some awesome photos because of it.

To Erica and Eric, I just love y'all already. Thanks for being a blast to photograph. I am STILL counting down the days until next Oct!

Until next time, live creatively friends.


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