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Mandy and Scott are nothing short of adorable. I mean seriously adorable. Their engagement shoot was full of laughter. They are the type of couple that makes me LOVE my job.

Let's take it back to the beginning though, because it took us quite a while to get there. Mandy reached out to me back in October to book an engagement session. She envisioned snow and I was super excited for it. Most couples don't want to venture out in the cold, so I love to switch things up! The problem though, this winter, after every snowfall came rainfall. The snow was muddy and wet. Not exactly picture worthy. We texted all winter long - and the only photo worthy snowfalls happened during our own vacations (of course, right). Not that we're complaining about a fairly mild winter by New England standards. But we didn't seem to get that dreamy, snowy shoot we were hoping for.

So, we changed plans - a nice spring shoot. But, you guessed it. RAIN! I felt so horrible for this couple! They were rolling with the punches but they just couldn't seem to win. Each time we scheduled a day, it ended up being rescheduled.

So the day finally came, and with no exaggeration, the weather was PERFECT. We went to Brooksby Farm in Peabody. There, Scott asked Mandy to marry him, and in one year they will say I do in the barn on the property as well. How cute is that?! How fitting that we did their photos there?

These two are just radiating love. Their laughs, their chemistry, everything was so effortless. We had a blast shooting that Sunday evening as the sun set. You can see the love oozing from the photos.

See what I mean? They make my job so easy?! It's pretty easy to capture a photo of two people so in love, smiling, kissing, enjoying each other's company.

The season of love has kicked off! Thank you Mandy and Scott, for a wonderful engagement session. Congratulations to you both. And good luck with the wedding planning!

Until the next session of love. Live creatively, friends.

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