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Newport Wedding on the Water with the Smiths, June 2021

It's the Smith Wedding 2.0! And let me tell you, it was INCREDIBLE! The weather, the venue, the vendors, of course the bride & groom and their friends and family - all were perfect. I couldn't have dreamt it up better myself. From the moment I drove across the bridge I just had a feeling in my core, this day was going to be absolutely perfect.

Lynette and Freddie celebrated their wedding last year with their closest family and friends in a very small, intimated ceremony in a backyard in Melrose, but this year they got to have the wedding they imagined. They got to have all of their friends and family attend, renew their vows, and enjoy their day all over again. I am so happy that they finally got the day they dreamed of.

The bridal suite was filled with big smiles and laughter, and a whole lot of love. Kira and Lynette both had the sweetest moments while they got ready. But, by far my favorite part of the day was the first look. Freddie's smile when he saw his wife, was magic. Freddie has that sort of smile that lights up a room - I mean it. And especially when he sees his wife. The way he looks at Lynette, now that is love!

Lynette and Freddie's families all speak so highly of them, and all about how they belong together. My favorite kind of love stories are those where they are meant to be together. Like fate brought them together. And this right here, HAS to be one of those stories.

From the windy ceremony, to the gorgeous sunset and everything in between - what a gorgeous, unforgettable day. We can't forget to mention the adorable ring bearer and flower girl - cuter than ever. Also made it down the aisle in record timing! Can't quite tell what the hurry was, maybe they wanted to see the bride too! And the speeches - put it down on the list as one of my favorites ever. Brendan's speech/song was so impressive (Brendan, I'm calling you for help writing my next speech😂)! Even the dance floor was packed right away - you could tell everyone was excited and ready for things to return to normal again! All signs of a great wedding!

To the Smith's: thank you, thank you, thank you. From the bottom of my heart, for having me photograph your wedding day again. I feel so blessed to have been a part of both days and to have captured each moment.

Venue: Regatta Place, Newport RI

Catering: Regatta Place, Newport RI

Until next time, live creatively friends!


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