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One of my New Year's resolutions this year was to try and find balance between my work life and my social life. Last year, I worked SO incredibly hard to build the foundations of Captured. And boy did it pay off. We had so much success last year between weddings, our first mini sessions, and everything in between. What I forgot to do though, was to give some time back to myself.

Last fall, in my busiest season of weddings and portrait sessions, I hit a wall. A tall, solid brick wall. I had been go-go-going non stop for weeks. What I didn't realize, is that I hadn't had a day off in MONTHS. The hours, days, weeks and months flew by. I crashed and I burned. I was exhausted, burnt out and emotional.

I had to sit down with myself (and with the help of my boyfriend) and plan a day for me. With no emails, no editing, no planning and no designing. Just one day and I had to get back to work. But I realized the significant role that one day played in my mental health.

So, as the year came to a close and I began thinking about my personal and work like for 2019, I vowed to set aside some time for me every week. I wanted to take one night a week where I didn't work and instead I just relaxed. Hung out with friends. Maybe even binged some Netflix from bed with a cup of tea.

And although it hasn't been perfect, I've been trying. I've been trying to have one day a week to myself. But, lately things have gotten busier and I have found myself putting this necessary me-time on the back burner. And what do you know, this past week I had a crash and burn moment.

I've been doing so much working, even more networking, and saying yes to everything that I forgot to say yes to myself. I am EXHAUSTED.

So I slept. Yup, I slept A LOT. I said no to going up north (which sounds a bit crazy because it is my happy place) this weekend so I could rest. I had a full day of rest, exercise, and just spending time with my boyfriend. With no answering emails and no opening up my laptop. We had a full day of doing things that we wanted to do, and not things that we needed to get done.

It is important to have these days BEFORE you get to the point of overworked and overwhelmed. It is so important to take care of yourself. It is so so important to take some me time. Because in the end, your work reflects how you feel.

I'd love to hear about how you all find the balance. I know I'm not alone here. I know I can't be the only one who sometimes feels overworked. What is your outlet? How do you keep it all in check before you get carried away?

I want to implement a day like this weekend back into my routine. That way I can create the best work possible for my clients.

Until next time, live creatively friends.

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