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Woodsy New Hampshire Engagement Session with Stephanie and Amber, August 2020

Stephanie and Amber are such a special story. I consider them both family (and one day they will be I hope!!) because Steph is my boyfriend's cousin. It wasn't long after I met Steph that her and Amber started dating, and although I hadn't known her long, I could immediately see how happy Amber made her.

Every time I see Amber and Stephanie together, they are smiling and laughing, and to me that is the recipe for a perfect relationship. They support each other, they make each other laugh and they love each a WHOLE lot. So when they asked if I'd photograph their wedding, well of course I wanted to! And to top it off, a camp wedding in October, hell yes!! These two have the entire world behind them, and I cannot wait for all of the love that their wedding day will bring.

We planned their engagement session on a whim, which is always a bit fun with such a go with the flow couple. And on my way there, the skies opened up to a thunderstorm and torrential downpours. Somehow, we didn't lose hope. We waited it out, the clouds cleared and we had the PERFECT evening.

Steph and Amber were so much fun to photograph. This shoot had a spooky twist to it 😉 like nothing I've ever done. It was truly a blast.

It makes me more excited than ever to captured their wedding day next October. Cheers to you two, for always staying positive and true to yourselves.

Until next time, live creatively friends.

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