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That's a Wrap 2020!

2020 was obviously not the year any of us imagined. We had big plans for the new decade, and to be honest, the beginning was looking promising. Who could have seen this coming right?

But, a global pandemic hit, we were sent inside our homes to quarantine, and here we are close to a year later - in a pretty similar position to where things began in March. But throughout the year, I can say I learned quite a bit. This year has taught me more than I ever thought it would.

So yes, this year may have been one of loss, one of loneliness. But it definitely taught me to be grateful. Be grateful for what I do have. My health, my home, my family and friends. Technology for making it possible to do my job and communicate. And also for making it possible to communicate and virtually "see" those family and friends. Grateful for being able to put food on my table. Grateful for the time to slow down, and spend time with my boyfriend and our dog. Grateful for sunny days and hikes in our backyard. Grateful for long drives down windy roads.

Grateful for this dream and this small business of mine.

No matter how simple, you can learn to be grateful.

The couples of 2020 who had to shift their wedding plans and transition handled it with such grace, it was inspiring. There was no right or wrong answer to the infamous question how to plan a wedding in 2020. Whether you chose to minimize your guest list and hold a backyard wedding, or reschedule to 2021, I know it was not an easy decision. I am so grateful to all of you for working with me, and thankful to have the best couples around. Not one of you ever complained about the situation, how truly incredible is that?

The families I worked with this year, from Front Porch Sessions in May for charity to family sessions in the fall. Thank you. For donating to a good cause, and for adapting with the circumstances. For getting your children to smile even when they couldn't see mine through the mask. You are all the best, I cannot thank you enough.

To the couples who got engaged and celebrated love, keep spreading that joy! Just because we are in a global pandemic, does not mean we do not have to stop celebrating! Thank you for choosing Captured to photograph your love, to document your joy, and to share with the world. It means so much to me to get to capture it. Here's to wedding planning, vaccines, and events going back to "normal" for you and all of our other couples. I'm rooting for you!

Some of my favorite moments have come out of this year. I met some pretty incredible couples. Photographed some of the most amazing families. Donated hundreds of dollars to Housing Families. You can see it all here, all thanks to my amazing clients.