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The last few weeks have been filled with new content, preparation, and a WHOLE lot of money spent. What? This blog is all about honesty right?

I've finished a short term business plan - filled with templates, ideas, events, campaigns and even a plan for regular blog posts! So here goes:


Craft fairs are a great way to get our name out there. Selling prints is definitely the part of the business that needs the most growth. It is no secret that my deepest passion lies within nature, and capturing the smallest moments in time spent within nature. However, I struggle to translate this small niche of my passion into something that others want to admire and share with the world. Of course, social media helps me do that, but I cannot seem to break past that.

I want to sell my nature prints. I want people to hang them in their house and admire them when they see them. I want them to hear compliments from guests and tell them where they purchased them, or where their guests can get one of their own.

And so, I decided to sign up for my first craft fair. I printed over 100 of my favorite nature shots, mounted them, bought some decorations and made my way to Framingham! I tried to go in with an open mind, a small goal and an optimistic attitude.

Unfortunately, the fair did not go as planned. I greeted everyone I saw with a smile, talk to them about my passions, and did my best to sell. And well, let's just say my plan worked for my family, just not for everyone else. Turns out, nobody in the fair did very well either. I had times of frustration (especially on my ride home, alone and exhausted) but I let myself take a break, a step back, and I came out on top.

Because although the fair didn't turn out the way I wanted, I gained a whole lot of experience, confidence, the same inventory (LOL) and a REALLY big plan for the next one. I'm not going to stop because of one small hiccup. So, I've submitted an application for the next and gone back to the drawing board!

Everything happens for a reason and although I didn't leave the fair with much money or new business, I left with experience, ideas and lessons learned. So here's to staying positive and hoping the next one is KICK ASS!

So everyone, I invite you to visit me at the Sweet Williams Country Fair in Danvers on May 5. This is an outdoor craft fair, and I can promise you my booth with be twice the size of my last! I am super excited about my new display and I encourage you to come check it out!

Live creatively, friends!

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