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I try to relate everything going on in my life back to how I can better myself and my business. Although this post isn't exactly about the progress about my business, I recently got a glimpse into the traveling world.

On May 17, at around 5:30 PM, my family and I set out in a couple of rented mini vans for a trip that I will never forget. My father's side of the family is actually from West Virginia, and many of them still reside down in Kentucky, just outside Louisville to be exact. I had never been down to visit before, so when the opportunity presented itself, I just couldn't say no.

My uncle Dave was turning 80, and they decided to throw a family reunion for his birthday. Unfortunately, Dave's health isn't the greatest, and we all wanted to take the opportunity to be together and celebrate him. So, we jumped in the cars and started the 16 or so hour trek down to Jeffersonville, Kentucky. Now, I gotta be honest, I did not do most of the driving but I'd like to say that I am a damn good co-pilot. We drove through the night, through New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania and got to Ohio as the sun came up. And finally, we arrived in Indiana. My dad showed us around where he lived when he was younger and we drove into Kentucky to see my uncle.

The ride down wasn't too bad, and over the next three days it became evident how totally worth it it was. From authentic Southern BBQ to the Louisville Slugger Factory, we saw it all. And of course, my camera was on my shoulder for every minute of it. (Check out my Facebook page for some photos! ) Our favorite part, of course, was the reunion. We reunited with family we haven't seen in years, met some we had never met before, and spent time getting to know some of my uncles closest friends.

For years my uncle has owned a horse and carriage business in Louisville. Of course, we had to go for a ride. We got to meet all of his horses, and one of our favorites, Jaq, pulled us around downtown Louisville to show us around. I may have snapped more than a few pictures, and boy was he photogenic!

With more beer, bourbon, and food that makes your soul happy, we wrapped up our weekend with goodbyes and a trip to my aunt's farm. The endless hills, fenced in farmlands and gorgeous backdrops don't really seem to get old. We spent the afternoon on the farm, looking at the baby ducks, shooting skeet and passing the time with family.

We set off for our journey home around 7 PM and arrived back in Massachusetts on Monday afternoon. 33 hours in a car with your family is a loong time, but we found ways to keep ourselves entertained. We played games, read a book, *tried* to sleep, and I even edited some photos.

I'm so grateful for this journey to see my family. After countless bathroom breaks in questionable gas stations, several crappy cups of coffee, lots of snacks and a ton of pictures taken, I look back on our journey with a smile.

I am looking forward to sharing the photos with you, and counting down the days until the next road trip! Coming soon - Colorado, Montana, Wyoming and Alberta, Canada. Stay tuned! ;)

Live creatively, friends.

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