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What is an unplugged ceremony? At an unplugged wedding ceremony, guests are asked to leave all cell phones/electronic devices away for the duration of the ceremony. Why do the bride and groom want the guests to leave their phones away? Often times, phones can be found either distracting, or can get in the way of the photographers/videographers. Why are they becoming more popular? Photographers are showing just how important it can be for guests to leave their phones away.

Where do I, as a wedding photographer, stand with this? I fully support an unplugged wedding ceremony. I hadn't really thought about it before I became a wedding photographer. Don't get me wrong, I understand that friends and family of the bride and groom want to capture photos of the couple on their big day. But, they have all night to do that. The ceremony is so intimate, so leave the photographing to us.

Photographers are hired for a reason. We are trainer professionals, we have high quality pieces of equipment, and our clients pay a lot of money for our services. For these reasons, I fully support asking your guests to leave their phones away for an hour (often times less than that) of their special day. After all, it is your day and if thats what you want, they should respect that.

Now some of you might be thinking, how distracting can phones be? Well, thats exactly what sparked this blog post. I was recently editing a wedding I shot and thought, wow this would be such an AWESOME shot if someones phone wasn't right in front of the bride's mother's face. Of course, it isn't their fault, they didn't know they were in the way.

But does this make you consider? How do you weigh in? Where do you stand? Have you considered having an unplugged ceremony? Leave a comment!

Until next time! Live creatively, friends.

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