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Wintertime Beach Elopement with the Greenbergs, January 2022

The Greenberg's planned a special, intimate ceremony with their closest family and friends - it was authentically them. They wanted to say "I do" and nothing was going to stop them, not the wintertime, or a rising tide. The smiles on each of their faces throughout the ceremony and especially their vows, truly showcased their love for one another. They were so happy to finally be married, and continue to grow their family.

Although my time with them was short, I enjoyed every minute of it. Running around Lynch Park and taking photos with their family, and the two of them.

To Sam and Andy, thank you so much for having me photograph your special day. It was so nice seeing you and I absolutely loved going back through the photos while editing to relive the day. Thanks for being such a fun couple to hangout with.

Venue: Lynch Park

Makeup: Missy White, Peabody

Until next time, live creatively friends.


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