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Summertime Beach Session with the Deane Siblings, August 2021

Okay so pick the absolute hottest day of the year... mix in the cutest siblings and most adorable pup? And that was the Deane siblings session. Seriously. But they were actual troopers.. luckily we had our session scheduled for the beach already, so we used the water to our advantage and cool down!

Nicole reached out to me and asked me to take some photos of her and her brothers as a gift to their mom. And of course I said yes! We chose a date and location, but on the day of, things got changed around a bit. Because of the heat wave, our original location was SO BUSY. Not an inch of the beach was open, so we had to improvise. We made our way up to Devereaux Beach, then later on over to Castle Rock, and it ended up being absolutely perfect. They trusted my judgement and were along for the ride.

We just made it through the heat and cooled off in the waves, for once we were thankful for this cold New England ocean.

It was so much hanging out with the Deane siblings and capturing their personalities, and of course little Charlie too! Who didn't want to leave the water!

To Nicole, Andrew and Evan, thanks so much for being such good sports through the change of plans and the heat and everything. I had a blast photographing you guys and Charlie!

Until next time, live creatively friends.

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